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Let me introduce you to the “Jim Everett Band ” :
The “JIM EVERETT BAND” has made a name for itself in    Germany with “Hand Made” American Country Music. The band    has toured throughout Germany and its neighbouring Countries for    many years. Their Music Program is a mix of New and Traditional  American Country Music.

Here the Band members:

    Jim Everett (USA) -    Accoustic Guitar / Lead Vocals
    Harry Landsrath (GER) Lead    Guitar / Vocals
   Hermann Dauphin (GER) – Bass Guitar / Vocals

   Tom Greinert (GER) - drums

If you are interested in booking the Jim Everett Band for one of    your Country Events whether Open Air, Hall, Clubs, Parties or    Private, then simply give us a call or send us an e-mail. Also    please visit our homepage and leave us your comments in our Guest    Book. We would love to hear from you.

      Telephone:        +49 (0)6781  6682940
Cell:   0171 –    4240655
      Home Page:
    Here some of our References:
    Dubai, VAE, Jumeira Beach Hotel,       ADAC Truck Grand Prix Nurburgring 2010/2011 / Trucker Festival    Erndtebrück / Trucker Festival Wetzlar / Trucker Festival    Geiselwind / Country Festival Tromborn (France) / All American    Music Festival Luxembourg / Western Festival Wertheim-Nassig /    IKEA / Daimler Crysler / Renault / BMW / ZF / Rover / Ford /    Yamaha / EP - Electronic Partners / Maggi GmbH / Lufthansa Cargo    AG FFM / Swabia Gallery Stuttgart / Messe Frankfurt/M. / E-Werk    Saarbrücken / Hunsrück holiday park Hambachtal / Saarbrücken /    Cultural Station Casinos Püttlingen / Culture stage in Dillingen /    Intern. Hot air balloon meeting Bostalsee / Sport Event Park    Flörsheim German-American Institute Saarbrücken / German-American    Festival Garmisch / Truck Stop at Ramstein Airport Frankfurt-Hahn    / RWE environment Hesse / Old Town festival in Saarbrücken /    Kursaal Bad Bertrich / Cloef Atrium Orscholz / Kulturamt    Zweibrücken / Golf Club Bad Liebenzell / Webenheimer Country Party    / National and International festivals in Germany, Austria,    Switzerland, France and Holland, City Folk Festivals nationwide.
     “Keep It Country”
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